Freak Out! #amwriting

#4 in Snooty and the Book Cover. Find the others here.


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Set ’em Up Joe #amwriting

#3 in Snooty and the Book Cover. Find the others here.


Set ’em Up Joe


Brittany asks the hostess if we can have a booth. I would have preferred a table, a nice big table with chairs a huge distance apart. Brittany scoots the blonde in first (I still haven’t learned his name) and then she slides in followed by the other young one, still also unidentified.

There is no way I’m sitting in between Steve and Clayton so I slide in first and then realize my mistake. I should have had them slide in before me. Who knew seating arrangements were so difficult? Continue reading

I Gotta Get Out! #amwriting

I never know how long these little “serials” will run, but I’ve decided to add a category anyway. This one is called Snooty and the Book Cover, for reasons you will discover. One you’ll discover in this installment; the next will probably give you the other. As always, I am more than open to hearing your thoughts and opinions. 🙂

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