V is for Virgin in Virginia #atozchallenge

I don’t know what’s with writing today. This too could become something longer (and wanted to). Argh.



Another One Bites the Dust (or Got Milk?)

“That’s the last blind date I set you up on,” Dave tells Cara. “Zeb is a nice guy. What was wrong with him? In your oh-so-humble opinion.” Continue reading


Incredible Fossilized Footprints Suggest That Early Humans Stalked Giant Sloths

See, humans have been “stalking” forever. But, seriously, this is an interesting article on many fronts. Poor giant sloths! 😉

An artist’s interpretation of how the sloth likely flailed its arms around to protect itself against the human hunters.
Credit: Alex McClelland/Bournemouth University


Source: Incredible Fossilized Footprints Suggest That Early Humans Stalked Giant Sloths

U is for Under an Umbrella in Utah #atozchallenge



Orange-Ginger Tea

The moment Granny Hardwick brought out the orange-ginger tea Sarah knew her Gran meant business. Orange-ginger was a serious tea for serious conversation. Sarah steeled herself certain that her Gran was going to tell her of her imminent demise, after all there had been the recent doctor’s visit. Continue reading

A-Z Challenge Day 21

I won’t say I discovered Keith’s Rosey stories via the A to Z challenge because I didn’t. They’ve popped up every once in a while on Friday Fictioneers, and I’ve loved reading each one, which is why I thought I’d share. If you loved this, all of Keith’s postings for A to Z are Rosey stories and all that I have read have delighted me. Certainly if you need a smile, you’ll find one here.

keiths ramblings

Post 1662. Tuesday April 24

My Friend Rosey has been part of my blog since I set it up twelve years ago. To read all about her in 200 or so words, click HERE

utIt was the day of carnival procession. Halfway down the snaking column, Rosey was in charge of a group of kids from school dressed as fruit and vegetables. Rosey was a carrot and wore an orange sheet sewed into a point at the bottom! However, its design seriously impeded her forward progress. Consequently, she, her flock, two bands, three floats and all the other participants behind her became separated from the front half of the procession which after a while disappeared from sight.

When they reached the crossroads Rosey was unsure which way to go.  Unfortunately, she chose the wrong way seemingly unaware of the sudden absence of onlookers.  Little Lester the Lettuce realised and ran up…

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T is for Tuttle’s Tavern #atozchallenge #amwriting

Don’t ask me why (okay, you can, just don’t expect a good answer 😉 ) but I was skipping “T” today and moving straight on to “U.” Shrug. I dunno. I didn’t think I had any issues with “T.” Maybe I’ve discovered one?


Cassie is always a little mystified (read hurt, she’s hurt) when someone doesn’t like her. What makes people have snap judgments? She’s knows it must be something about her looks. After all, what else could they base it on? Continue reading