Get on with it already

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Because beginnings should start with a sunrise….

A bunch of cliches fill my mind: no time like the present; what are you waiting for; just do it, etc. I’m sure you get the drift.

So here it is.

Sascha Darlington is stepping out.

I’m sharing book reviews, a few recipes, and stories about journeys whether physical or mental.

Regarding book reviews my disclaimer is: I won’t pretend to be an authority. I will try to be honest without being nasty. I will recall the days when I first starting critiquing short stories: always find something good to say.

If you stumble on any of my reviews (or anything else here) and agree or disagree, let me know. One thing I like almost as much as books is discussing books and getting a chance to glimpse the thoughts of other people regarding those books.


And away we go …….

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