(Not?) feeling pensive today


I kid you not; behind that cloud is sun.

So I was just outside on what seems like the first sunny day of the year, although it may only be the first sunny day of May (but the truth is I forget when we had sunshine for more
than two hours), and was thinking about pensive.

what in i don't want my picture taken today do you not understand

“I said: I will pose for no pictures today!”

I thought about pensive as Scout the shy walked ahead sniffing at all of the wondrous odors I could only guess at and would only guess at since I was not about to get on my hands and knees to see (to smell? hmm) if I could detect any of these fragrances–not only because I’m sure I couldn’t, but what if I did? eweeee–but also because it would assure the neighbors that, yes, she has finally lost it, if she ever had it to begin with. I think it’s always best to keep them guessing.

I thought, too much, about the book review that I had just posted because I always over-think book reviews that are not glowing. I wonder if I’ve done credit or discredit to all involved. And then I over-thought the flip of the coin…shouldn’t I think about the ones that are too glowing?

I thought about the fact that the flower that I just took a picture of the other day is now a lumpy brown mass of a mess (I didn’t take a picture this time; should have; shouldn’t lumpy brown masses be honored as well as cream colored petals of pulchritude?).

I thought about how the hammer banging a street over signified that another home was getting a new roof and that there seemed to be an epidemic of new roofs this year and could there really be a roof contagion? Was that kind of like getting shingles?

clematis and santolina

and I’ve uploaded it twice with correct orientation, but it seems the clematis wants to be on top rather than the side…contrary flower.

rosesI thought about how lovely the santolina and clematis looked side by side, although the clematis should really be growing up the side of the mailbox support. And about how lovely these roses are even though they don’t really look lovely, but smell so, like cloves, and how, if the sunshine really came out for an extended period that the warmth would allow the fragrance to hover like nature’s potpourri.

Then I sat at my computer keyboard, typed something up. Erased it and thought: The prompt of pensive isn’t really working out for me today.




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