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The Sight by Chloe Neill takes up where The Veil left off (You can see my review of The Veil here.). In The Sight, a new danger arises in the form of Ezekiel, a cult leader/pseudo-militia-type, who is determined to take over New Orleans, eradicate the paras (paranormals), as well as the humans guarding the paras because he considers them traitors, sympathizers. Our heroes from The Veil are back. Claire and Liam are ready with the assistance of Gunnar, Burke, Malachi, et al. to face down this new threat.

The Sight is paced well with a good deal of action interwoven with character discovery. Claire is once again learning new things about her father and maybe even her mother. She is training with Malachi, the angel, to learn how to control her magic so that she doesn’t become a wraith.

There is a lot to like about The Sight. One of the main things is Claire Connolly. She’s really unlike the typical female protagonists of paranormal fiction (or pretty much any genre fiction, for that matter). For instance, have you ever read a book and even though the world is literally about to come to an end, the heroine is worrying about her relationship with the romantic male lead and you think to yourself: she sure has misplaced priorities. Claire doesn’t. If she finds herself considering something mundane in the middle of trouble, she mentally kicks herself to keep in the moment. Thank you, Ms. Neill, for giving us a rational, kick-ass heroine who is not in constant need of being saved by the hero. They take turns saving each other–you gotta love it.

As I mentioned in my review of The Veil, Neill imagines realistic characters–not flat cardboard types or stereotypes. This is definitely another reason why it’s been so enjoyable to read the Devil’s Isle series. I haven’t rolled my eyes a single time!

There’s also a nice sense of humor threaded throughout that really adds to making this a standout. The dialogue is frequently fast-paced and snappy–another hurrah!

As far as the relationship issue, Neill has taken her time, building up the heat between Claire and Liam. There’s a little steam let off in this novel and the ending might leave you a bit stunned (NO SPOILERS!!!!).

I know I am certainly looking forward to the next installment and I really hope that Chloe Neill can keep up the momentum she’s struck so far. I highly recommend The Sight if you enjoy paranormal sci fi but have gotten a bit tired of the usual fare.

The publication date for The Sight is August 16, 2016. Genre: Sci Fi/Fantasy.

I received an arc from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

From Amazon: The Sight.

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