Faithful Companions Revisited

Almost a year has passed (July 29, late morning Wednesday, because some things you never forget) since Scout the faithful companion lost his remaining canine step-sibling, Miss Cha. His reaction has been mixed.

At first he behaved freer because there was no bossy lady telling him what to do and so it seemed a good thing to let him be sole pup. Now, his yearning for canine companionship seems palpable, although when he sees other dogs he hastily decides action: visit enthusiastically or scurry away.

A contingent of individuals offer their opinions regarding how much simpler life is without dogs—how you can travel at a whim, how there is no dog hair or vet bills or, well, I’m sure you get the gist. While I respect their opinions, I feel that the joy I’ve received from my dogs has infinitely superseded any perceived downfalls, except, of course, their eventual loss.

So between Scout and me, we will find him the right companion—someone who sheds and plays and happy dances at the slightest provocation and, for the unfortunately too brief period he or she graces this microcosm, demonstrates how to truly live.

end 6/21/2016


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