Running on Empty

Since, with the onset of April, I designated this Sascha Darlington’s Year of Change, (SDYOC to you),  I realized that a renewed effort to be as healthy as possible, mentally and physically, should be undertaken as well.

As such, I am currently running on empty. You may cue the Jackson Browne song, if you like, but without the introspective imagery or the driving beat, because, alas, that’s what I am—BEAT! After almost an hour of tennis and then a Faithful Companion walk, I am ready to relax and think of nothing and do absolutely nothing…oh, except feed the Faithful Companion and cook dinner and then finish a book for review. All of a sudden that doesn’t sound like nothing, does it?


Ps. I am kidding. I have a very fortunate life and hopefully don’t take for granted all of the wonderful people, creatures, and opportunities that have come my way.


end 6/22/2016

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