My Pleasure

Because of circumstances deliciously out of my control, I am revisiting my pleasure. Upon arrival, I was sent a rainbow, which I’ll show you tomorrow, because it’s late and I have little patience at the moment for card readers and transferring files.

It was a long drive from DC to Sandbridge Beach, when it shouldn’t have been, but we are talking about I-95, which, for those of you who are not familiar with the East Coast of the United States, is a parking lot masquerading as a highway/motorway.

And then there were so many accidents on I-64, the route that takes one east toward the beaches. I even saw one with several gentlemen navigating cars just a bit too close to each other. But what more could they expect?

Upon arrival, there were multiple thunderstorms…and then a rainbow, a complete rainbow, but I only have pictures of each section (for you tomorrow…ha).

I just went outside where the breeze is blowing temperate air and the sky is full of stars and lightning flashes across the sky stubbornly, yet brilliantly, and I thought: pleasure. Relaxation. Heaven on earth.

I try to be mindful, appreciate where I am in space or time, but sometimes it’s hard. This week was hard and I don’t know why. I am a person given to frequently over thinking and  over feeling and maybe that was it. Maybe it was all something outside and inside and everywhere in between. It would be nice to know where these feelings that catch us up originate from, but would knowing help? Would knowing make it better?

Regardless, I am here in the space that gives me a great pleasure and for which I feel lucky.

I’ve heard people say: oh, I’m not beachy as if it were just some bikinied slathering of sunscreen and inane qualities on the sand. And, I guess I can see where that would have some merit, but being here, with the tide constant and soothing and the stars twinkling and the frogs singing on the bay and feeling the soft breeze on my cheeks, I have only pleasure, even if I’m not bikinied and oil slathered. I feel rejuvenated and whole and I feel enough to push the week’s overwhelming sadness somewhere far beyond me. And, right now, I appreciate just how fortunate I am.


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