Something Stupid

Because the world’s such a mess right now, worse than I think it’s ever been, unless you were a dinosaur and saw that flash of light and thought, damn, a meteor, we’re gonna stink, when what you really meant was go extinct. I offer something light with youtube links to hopefully brighten about seven or eight minutes of your day. If you’re never watched “Thrift Shop,” please be aware of the ample helping of the f-bomb, but it’s AWESOME. 😉

mini-addendum….the title is a song too! Click that for something fun!

Something Stupid

Call Me Unpredictable,” he croons.

“It’s ‘Irresponsible,’” she says, drying the washed wineglass.

Unpredictable’s better.”

“You are that.”



“I could be better.”


He leans in and kisses the edge of her mouth. “Most anything.”

Despite herself, she smiles. “I prefer unpredictable.”

“Would you say it’s better?”


“Most anything.”

“Déjà vu all over again, and somewhat predictable.”

He sighs and leans back against the counter. “You’re a tough woman to please.”

“I’ve heard that. Never believed it.”

“Til now?”

“Nope, not even now. Just sing. That makes me happy.”

“How about ‘Thrift Shop?’”

She smirks. “Can’t Wait.”

end 7/16/2016

S. Darlington

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