I love the word carefree. It’s a beautiful word with wondrous connotations. I had been thinking about my contribution since I saw the word and wanted something “carefree.” My previous posting obviously was not. This one is a little more so.

The moment she stepped onto the deck of the rental, heard the rhythmic collision of wave to shore, anxiety seeped from her limbs. It felt mystical. As she breathed deeply, feeling almost carefree, as she hadn’t in so many, many months, maybe years, she felt her lips wanting to smile. So sappy, she thought, but I am so lucky to have this moment. I am grateful for this.

She thinks about that moment often. The being grateful, being appreciative, and strives to reconnect to the feeling, to have it within reach, even when the ocean is not.


end (2) 7/21/2016

S. Darlington

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