Review of Cloudy with a Chance of Love


Cloudy with a Chance of Love by Fiona Collins

Publication Date: July 21, 2016

Publisher: Carina UK

Are you about to go on vacation and are looking for some lighthearted reading to add to your Kindle (or tablet)? You might just want to add Cloudy with a Chance of Love by Fiona Collins if you want a laugh, some whimsy, and romance.

Daryl is newly divorced, thanks to her ex-best friend Gabby who decided that she rather liked Daryl’s husband, Jeff, more than she liked being Daryl’s best friend. So what does a newly single woman do on a Sunday evening to celebrate her divorce? She goes out with her best friend, Sam, throws her wedding ring into a fountain, and drinks a tad more than would be advisable.

The next day Sam persuades Daryl to try out a fortune-telling app that says that Daryl will fall in love by Friday. This is a beginning of a madcap week in which Daryl explores what it means to be a forty-something woman, new (again) to the dating scene, and how things have changed.

This week really needed a read like Cloudy with a Chance of Love. While the novel took a bit longer to read than it should have (my fault; too many things happening), I never felt any dreariness about returning to it. Fiona Collins writes in such an entertaining way that you feel like you are along for a fun ride. There are many wacky, laugh-out-loud moments. Great Escapism!

I really liked the character of Daryl. She’s funny, self-deprecating, a little kooky, but with a strong sense of self that enables her to know what she deserves. She comes to realizations that make her an admirable heroine.

I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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