Gonna Clock

Sorry, I’m not up to snuff today. The AC’s going and it’s hot here. I’m mellllllltttttinnnnng. So here’s my whimsy offering (brain may be detached).

Keep it up. I’m gonna clock you.

Pardon? You’re going to use your timepiece to check my speed?

Shut up or I’ll belt you.

You’ll give your belt to me? How very kind, but I hardly need one. No belt loops.

Your elevator really doesn’t stop at all floors.

My elevator? You’ve lost me. I have no elevator. I prefer the stairs.

Fruit loops.


Uncle, already.

As a woman, I can’t be an Uncle.

Check you later, alligator.

Such a confused person. Must be disease. Alfred, we shouldn’t invade this planet. Could be symptomatic idiomitis.


end 7/24/2016

S. Darlington

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