Where’s the Money?

She talks and it’s just like you can hear the wind rustling around inside her head. Vacuous. I told Celia to be careful when she visits. She’s itemizing every time she comes around. She’s looking at my collection and thinking of inheritance. She’s all about the money. You wait, she won’t be here five minutes before she tells you how much my old vinyls are selling for on ebay. All about the money. What she put my son through. He went back to her though. I don’t hold with bad talk, but Celia says it’s pussy. Oh, lawd.


end 7/29/2016

S. Darlington

17 thoughts on “Where’s the Money?

      1. I agree when it comes to trying different styles and voices. One of my semester projects for my writing class is that we have to write a book with atleast 20 chapters. I don’t know why but when I am told I have to write something it makes it harder to write. I know that was totally random.. but your technique is amazing and honestally I have learned a lot by reading your work.

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        1. Thank again. Try the prompts. Unless I feel a poem coming on, I make it so that it’s 100 words. It’s tough, but I can tell I am learning how to edit better, more ruthlessly, and choose better words. (It’s also kind of masochistic fun.)🙂


                    1. And I figured out the widgets.. thank you for your help! If you would ever like me to proof read anything before you post it let me know

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