Bird’s Eye View

Birds don’t fat shame

tweet of color, gender

busily surviving

enterprising, manipulating string

for a homemade shack

ticky-tacky, egging on bliss

not confounded by the swallow’s

adobe pueblo or huffed by

hummingbird’s one room



some polyamorous

some monogamous

not glancing at other chicks

keeping the beady-eyed gaze home

feeding the young

beak to beak

infant support instinctive


Yet humans, so profound

Praising piety

Ousting per impassioned passages

damning, berating, cutting, killing

goodness, kindness, stilled by blindness


I’ll flock with the finches, take stock

Mind my feathered frock

Take flight, a sprite, no spite,

Winging southward

Arrowhead landing on powdery sand


Behold the land

Gospel according to Gaia.


end 8/2/2016

S. Darlington

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