Marvelous Musical MashUps

I Started a Joke.”

“That’s a horrible song.”

“My parents love it.”

“You’ve heard the lyrics? Pseudo-meaningful, sappy, and pseudo-philosophical.”

“We could make it ironic.”

“Yeah, what would be more ironic is if we did Iron Man and Ironic.”

He paused.

“A mashup of Black Sabbath and Alannis Morissette. That would shake everyone up. Just think about it.”

“I don’t know Black Sabbath,” he said finally.

“Our bass player doesn’t know Black Sabbath.”

“Not too sure about Morissette either. Is that a devil worshipper too?”

“Crikey, Nigel.”

Nigel grinned and then sang. “And the joke is on you.”

Oh If I’d only seen that the joke was on me, Bee Gees

end 8/9/2016

S. Darlington, having fun


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