Review of Absolutely Positively


Absolutely Positively by Jayne Ann Krentz

Published: February, 1996

Oh, blurg! As I was preparing my review to you, I had a dismal finding. My audiobook, of Absolutely Positively, was abridged.  We will count that as a disclosure and you can decide how much it means as to whether you would enjoy this book or not. For me? Well, I think I want to read the entire book!

From the very beginning I swept into this book. I loved the combination of Molly and Harry.

Oops. Okay. Backtrack.

Molly’s father, an inventor, and her brother, also an inventor, were killed while testing one of their inventions and so now Molly, who is totally business oriented, is in charge of deciding who receives funds through the foundation created after her father’s death. She has hired Harry, a scientist, to weed through the various proposals and find ones which might scientifically merit the funds.

Harry, whose family is a blend of carnival people and staid millionaire investors, has decided that he would like to have an affair with Molly. Before he can tell her just what kind of relationship he would like to have with her, she tells him that their business relationship isn’t working because he doesn’t seem to like anything. Secretly, she finds Harry’s fierce features really, really attractive.

He asks her out on a date. Upon arrival to her home, he finds a gadget attached to her door. When she opens the door, a prank gun moves upward and a little white fabric saying “bang” shoots out. Harry has really bad feelings about this. And, it turns out, he is right.

This novel is fun. Okay, for me it was abridged fun, but fun, nevertheless and I would be more than willing to have my fun unabridged by reading the whole novel.

I really, really liked both Molly and Harry. Molly makes me think of quirky Meg Ryan in her heyday. Harry, well, I don’t have an actor counterpart for him immediately (maybe Hugh Jackman with someone a bit sterner mixed in?), but I loved his vulnerable, intuitive character. This is the kind of romance that just makes me smile. I love quirk! Put it together with supernatural events and I am totally loving it.

There’s humor, romance, sex, and mystery. What more could you ask for?

A great book for the beach or when you need a stress-free read.

rating: butterflybutterflybutterflybutterflyladybug (an abridged 4 butterflies and a ladybug)


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