Another Thank You! Milestone.

Yesterday, I coincidentally celebrated writing my 200th post and getting my 250th follower. If you had told me last year that I would have had such a milestone, I probably wouldn’t have believed it. I probably also wouldn’t have believed that I had finally started blogging, either. But I have you all to thank. If you hadn’t been willing to read my posts and support me by following, I wouldn’t be writing this. Thank you!

And, I apologize to you all for this week in which I have not been as involved as I normally am. I’m on vacation, which has allowed me to somewhat catch up on some of my outstanding books–and while I hope they are outstanding, I really mean that I have slipped behind in my reading–and hopefully I’ll get more reviews up. Yes! The last book was outstanding! It was Kelley Armstrong’s newest book!

Monday or Tuesday I will share some of my pics and be back to enjoying your posts. In the meantime, thank you again from the bottom of my heart for making this blogging experience just so incredible.



12 thoughts on “Another Thank You! Milestone.

  1. Congratulations. I lost my like count when I moved to self hosted but I remember the feeling of making some of those milestones. It’s a good feeling and one that keeps you coming back for more even when you aren’t looking for world domination.

  2. World domination happens tomorrow 🙂
    You can use Jetpack to get your followers across to a self hosted site. You can add like and follow buttons to posts (not comments as far as I know) but your like count doesn’t transfer.
    The reader doesn’t pick up all self hosted sites either (although it appears to pick up some) which is a little annoying.
    But the advantage of having more control over the site wins me over even if world domination starts on Monday. 🙂

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