Blogger’s Pool – increase traffic on your blog

Jump into the pool! MySestina is once again showing tremendous support of her fellow bloggers.


Blogger’s Pool is a fantastic way to grow together by supporting each other.

We all can meet, know and learn about each other here. This pool is where you can leave a link to your site (in the comments below) and fellow blogger’s can find you and in return you could find them.

A fantastic way to make people aware of your blog and get more followers and readers.

Let’s dive into the blog ocean and swim together hand in hand. Our support for each other is our lifeguard.


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One thought on “Blogger’s Pool – increase traffic on your blog

  1. Hello, I love your idea for a bloggers pool, it sounds great. I am all for giving support to fellow bloggers. My name is Alisha and I just started a new blog a month ago it is It is an inspirational blog whose main purpose is to encourage, motivate, and inspire others. With inspirational quotes, poems, and encouraging posts. I definitely need more followers. Thanks, for giving me the opportunity to participate in the bloggers pool.

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