Rambling wraith

Today’s reblog is from speaking up for myself by Sailaja. Check out her blog for beautifully written introspection and stories. And, thanks, Sailaja, for being so supportive of me!

Speaking Up for Myself

The shroud of mist lifted halfheartedly and the house, reluctant to reveal itself, appeared in patches of brown and dark green, till finally it stood, mute, glowering down at the intrusion.

I looked up at the sheer, imposing walls and breathed in the magnificent splendour of it all. Fell in love with it, again. I walked in, and the heavy old door closed shut behind. It was now me, the house and…


I rose when she entered. She brought the fresh air from outdoors. Panting a little from the exertion of her walk, she halted in front of the window and stood by me, watching the others play outside. I leaned forward to whisper, but she moved abruptly and walked into the adjoining room that led to the kitchen.

A cool draught of wind ruffled the hair on my neck and I shivered. It was warm in the house but…

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