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Stuck on You by Patricia Mar

Publisher: Aria Publishing

Publication Date: September 1, 2016

Sara is admiring a photo of male supermodel, Daniel Gant, in one of her younger sister, Virginia’s, celebrity magazines. They both laugh about how sexy he is and what a great body he has. The next day Sara shows up for her interview at a gossip magazine an hour late and when she’s turned away because the candidate has already been chosen, she leaves, gets on an elevator, and gets stuck–with Daniel Gant. Unfortunately for Daniel, he suffers from claustrophobia and starts having a panic attack. The only way that Sara can subdue him is by kissing him. And, then the story starts.

The beginning of Stuck on You has a lot of promise. The dialogue is snappy and the characters have fun with one another. Again, this is another case in which the blurb uses the word “hilarious” (publicists or whomever is responsible for writing these book blurbs: cut it out unless a book is truly, truly hilarious. It raises expectations. Hilarous means: hysterically funny. If you’re not rolling on the floor (or maybe just laughing out loud a lot would suffice) while reading it, don’t describe a book that way. Please!) The beginning of the book is funny, but hilarious not so much.

There is a magical flash mob scene in the first third that charms the reader and a sweet scene where Sara spends time with her family for her grandmother’s 80th birthday. Also, the initial scenes between Sara and Daniel are pretty good. She doesn’t fall at his feet the way a lot of women do and he likes that. It’s a breath of fresh air.

The undoing of Stuck on You occurs when Sara and Daniel finally get together.

“You’re not a challenge I want to win, you’re a prize I have to deserve.”

After Sara and Daniel become a couple, Sara really starts to become unhinged. There’s joking about Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, but Sara really is jealous and lacking in self-esteem and it just takes the book on a rather unattractive ride of her being jealous of his exes, of his work, of models he works with, of other women looking at his picture in photo shoots. This is not fun.

“…And in that photo shoot I don’t see respect–I see someone who is taking the piss.”

The above comment is made about a photo shoot before they were even together as a couple. Not sure how he was supposed to show respect for her in a photo shoot or why anyone would think that it was a requirement. It’s work for which he gets paid very well. He signed contracts. Get over it already.

Unfortunately the insecurity and jealousy become the story and the obstacle that keeps them apart. It’s not much of an obstacle, except for the reader.

The ending is cute, but it is definitely too little too late.

I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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rating: butterflybutterflybutterfly(3 out of 5 butterflies)


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