She wed her piano teacher

she: starry eyed romantic, dreaming of children

laughter, holidays, aromas rising from the kitchen,

constant cheer, noise, hide and seek, changing diapers.

Cocktail parties for his rising star, cocktails for her

in the kitchen impaired, bitter, vitriolic.


Late, the last baby, afterthought or salvation

Amidst recriminations, anger for him and infidelities

Women coddled him, men he fucked

Home to screams of drunk wife and baby girl,

Sons pounding each other, other daughter jealousy green.


Baby daughter smiled always, mostly,

Fearing though the vicious mother temper

One word yielded spankings, one wrong turn more,

Child she was never bad, just curious, seeking, observing =

spanked, but not by philandering, adoring dad.


Too young she became fatherless

The mother’s temper calmed, bitterness never

Anger ruptured over all things, grudges grew

Daughter tried to mollify the feelings,

learning inward growth,


smiling alone, being alone, understanding alone.


Alone no one hurt you.


end 9/5/2016

S. Darlington

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