Book Challenge

Back in January, when the year was fresh and cold, I decided that this was going to be an easy reading year so I signed up for the yearly challenge and thought that 65 books would be fair. One book a week and then just a few extras for the beach.

This is proof that I didn’t intend to be a book blogger this year.

And the results of being a book blogger:



You have read 100 books of your goal of 65!

100/65 (154%)

Yes, I had a wee bit of a giggle over that today when I saw I’d managed 154% of the challenge . . . with more to come because I may have slightly overcommitted myself for September and October. But what is a book addict to do when they see books…books they want to devour?

Happy Friday!
Sascha D.

10 thoughts on “Book Challenge

    1. Thanks. Well, a lot of those have been reviewed here, which is why I surpassed my goal. I’ve been priviledged to read and review some really good books, which makes it hardly a challenge at all! 🙂

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