Dance With Me!


Change is in me

like fire burning

oxygen seeking

spreading, threading

a fine needle

sewing together

fabric of being

becoming, seeing,

knowing, not bowing

to past designs

inclined to make me kneel

congeal in fluidity

of silk tatters

forget what matters.

No. Not I.

Not yet, bet I won’t be done

til I’ve won, singing praises

raising my hands skyward to the sun

step back or join me

live life radically, fanatically,

joyful flouncing of billowy skirts

mirth sugar on your tongue

flung in spirals, dancing,

romancing, take a stance

for your own radical new self

get off the shelf, jump,

reveal what you’ve wanted

to yourself, make it happen

start clapping, lapping at bounty

of life, strife moves away,

when you say: today, my life is

mine, courage up, this time.


end 9/13/2016

S. Darlington


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