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A week ago, could be longer, my mind is a sieve, I asked whether some of you might be interested in participating in NaNoWriMo vicariously through me. Since a couple of you actually thought it could be fun, we’re gonna do it! (Yes, I don’t need much encouragement, hardly any, really.)

Now, in case you weren’t here, weren’t caffeinated, didn’t care and feel maybe you do now, I am going to write the novel, but with your help. I’ll post each day’s allotment of words, which is something like 1666.67, a devil of a number really, and you can read and decide the course of action, add characters, world-build, offer snarky opinions, whatever you feel like doing.

Yes, I suspect that this may be a parody of a novel, but I am sincerely hoping it will be fun. It will be like a silly rollercoaster we can ride all November long…but without the upset stomach…I hope. (Although with US Thanksgiving in November, an upset stomach is always possible.)

Also, I want to reiterate that I am getting nothing out of this. I won’t try to publish this grand debacle novel unless only one or two of you assists and it turns out so fantastic and then we have to make up a pseudonym and decide how to divide the millions in royalties we earn and who should star in the movie version….did I get ahead of myself again?

So below is my first ever poll. Right now in my eyes, it’s just code, but hopefully it will be intelligble when published. This is how we’ll choose the subject. If you have some other ideas, throw them in the comments. I am game. The only thing that I ask is that we choose something that will need very minimal research. There will be no time for that and I really hate to get facts wrong, even if it’s just being published as fiction here.

I think (I have no idea really 😉 ) the poll will close around the second week of October. I’ll announce what the subject is and then we can decide on particulars–characters, locale, snazzy outfits.

Anyone who reads this post can join in. It’s a novel party! Emphasis on novel and all of its meanings! Let the games begin! (Lots of exclamation points…..phew.)

ETA: (sorry the background’s weird. I guess that’s what they meant by skulls? duh.)

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