Happy To Fail


Existence with you, a daily test

fail, pass, withdraw, confess

stress, grading on worthiness

curviness graded down.

Mother’s lap boy, sangfroid

killjoy, criticizing, chastising.

Your theme: money, money, money

no honey, no funny, nobody’s body.


You chose submissive, surprising not,

no brain drain, man talk, mawkish clot.

Plot: she selected your money, money, money

Suckling, duckling, constant diapers.

She talks girl talk, paints nails, green card to

marry blowhard, while I dance, romance,

no passing glance, failed the test, no contest, my

happiness, blissfully unscarred, breathing,

no seething in my own backyard. Joy.


end 9/30/2016 (3)

S. Darlington



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