I Am Purple

Purple, for Day 4 OctPoWriMo

purpleI am this.

I am Rihanna, Gaga, Pink,

Sarah Vaughn, Madonna, Stevie Nicks,

Joplin, Beyonce, Ross, Streisand, Julie London,

Dressed in Purple

I am Doris Day, Judy Garland, Grace Slick,

Lady Day,  Kathleen Battle, Dusty Springfield,


My voice rises, crescendos. I am without peer.

Each day you watch me

I fall into myself

hide away, white soul in a dark night

so much hidden, in a closet of colorlessness.

My velvet purple I cling to.

You want to stifle my voice the way you stifle my body.

Hands on throat

I sing the high C.

Glass breaks.

They break.

You never break because you want me to.

Purple is me.

I am purple.

You bruise me.

You bang me.

You stifle me.

I want to sing.

I will sing.

Walk away.

My words rhyme

In time

You want to erase my soul

My being

I am purple.

I am green

I am every color of the rainbow

in between.

Let go.

Let go of me.

Once I dreamed of rainbows.

Always chasing.

I will chase.

Even though the room you keep me in

is dark and shadows cling.

You cannot keep my voice down

without my acquiescence.

I sing, rejoice.

You can never understand.

I am always purple.

I sing inside.


end 10/4/2016 (2)

S. Darlington

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