Climb Mountains


Wyoming, 2005, S. Darlington

OctPoWriMo, Day 6. Prompt word:  Tantalize. Suggested form: Loop. Admission/confession: I didn’t know what a loop poem was until this evening and therefore had never tried to write one. However, I kind of like it and can see myself fooling around with it in the very near future (besides this evening). Obviously this confession necessitates that you forgive me for my first attempt. 🙂 (Please.)

Climb Mountains


Was it obsession I felt?

Felt surging through my body or lust?

Lust that corralled my thought.

Thought nothing else but of you.


You thought of her alone.

Alone I so often was.

Was I stupid? Or naïve?

Naïve perhaps to be tantalized.


Tantalized by making love with you.

You thought of her while I emptied.

Emptied myself of passion, fed remorse.

Remorse over my stupidity and fear.


Fear of being alone for always.

Always felt so long, alone.

Alone I climbed a mountain despite fear.

Fear of heights, no longer daunted me.


end 10/6/2016 (2)

S. Darlington

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