The Night of a Karaoke Surprise


The mere fact that Damien and I kissed at the Oyster Fest did not forestall the single wenches of Pleasant Shores from shaking their combined derrieres in his direction in their own version of “Single Ladies” at every opportunity possible. Pleasant Shores has far too many karaoke events. How was it even possible that I’d never karaoked until I went to the city?

For our first date in Pleasant Shores, which may be our second date (is it possible that with all of this confusion I’ve lost count? Did walking Shandy count as a date?) altogether, Damien somehow hunted down the only pub in the county. And, lo and behold it was karaoke night and both Mandy and Missy were there, already signing up for their selection of songs.

“Are you singing?” he asked.

“I don’t really karaoke.”

“I heard you did a helluva job on one of your dates with Dominic.”

How could I forget? The very first time Tansy had shown her true colors and told me that Dominic and I wouldn’t last. She was right, and she was right because she made sure we didn’t.

“I’d love to hear your beautiful voice.”

Flatterer,” I said. “How do you know I have a beautiful voice?”

“Your speaking voice is melodious.”

I rolled my eyes. “Really?”

Damien grins. “You’re not calling me on bullshit, are you?”

“Damn straight.”

The music starts and the M&Ms get onstage and start doing their version of twerking or shaking their booty or flouncing. And “Single Ladies ” begins. They shake their chests this time instead of their derrieres, which is certainly a change of pace. I notice Damien’s grin which he tries to wipe away when he sees me glance at him.

“Sing me a song, Clare.”

I think about the song I heard all August and that it somehow seems fitting. I shrug.

I sing “Don’t Let Me Down.” And of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, Dominic walks into mine.


end 10/10/2016 (2)

S. Darlington

9 thoughts on “The Night of a Karaoke Surprise

    1. I think you have to be a little drunk to do it the first time. 🙂 (like a lot of things, haha). Yeah, I don’t know how Dominic ended up there. These guys like to write their own story.

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