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Since there’s been no further voting on the nano topic, I am officially closing down the poll.


The final voting was really close so I’ve utilized my executive decision-making tool (aka my sometimes functioning brain) and have decided that our novel is going to be about a rock star who has been cursed by a witch, which (hehe, it rhymed) he doesn’t really believe, except that all of his music seems to have some really, really bad rhymes and things just seem to be jinxed. One of his bandmates suggests that he go see a witch (our heroine) to see if she can get rid of the spell. The goal is to make this romancy (that’s probably not a word) and funny (a word, but harder to do). Now, anyone want to supply a line for mystery–I have never written a mystery. At this point, I don’t see us introducing any zombies, but when the going gets tough in November and we need 20,000 words, who knows what could happen. (You may have noticed, I have no problems talking and typing.)

This is our brainstorming, so if you have any thoughts, chime in. I want this to be fun for all of us and you are a part of that!

Sheryl,  I took to heart your suggestion–werewolf/witch and zombie/vampire, but remembered a book I read about three sisters: one witch, one shifter and one vampire and I rolled my eyes so much at that likelihood that I acquired a syndrome. Because of this syndrome and the fact that I snorted so much about a novel trying to cover all of the bases, I’m afraid that I would feel like too much of a hypocrit to undertake (hehe…I originally typed understake…Freudian slip for vampires!) the premise. Which isn’t to say it couldn’t work.

Now, in the comments offer me up some ideas for the characters–witch names/rock star names, what do these people look like? I will develop a survey if you think that’s easier. Any thoughts beyond the initial plot idea I tossed out there? Anything else I might have overlooked (which is probably plenty)? Let me hear about it! 🙂

Onwards, former members of the Scooby Gang….current members of the NaNo gang…..

We have 20 days left for planning! (But who’s counting?)

3 thoughts on “NaNo Update

  1. Haha, sounds pretty funny, let’s see where it comes. As for mystery you should try a mcGuffing (any excuse, like a key Introduced in one of his recordings -reversed- which might be a password to find documents of illegal activities the producer oh his recordings had been involved in.)

      1. Yes absolutely, the witch must have a deal with the Evil producer. McGuffing is a term used by Alfred Hitchcock, referring to any excuse to create a plot that will help him developpe a story for a screenplay

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