The Night Of Goodnight—For Now


The moon’s full tonight and its silver river shimmers on the ocean’s surface as Damien and I cuddle on the sand. My head rests on his shoulder and he holds me close because I’m a little chilled, but so very unready to end this evening.

It’s not been a perfect evening, not with karaoke and Dominic appearing. I think Damien and I may never have a perfect evening or maybe I’ll look back on many of them and they’ll be perfect in my memory.

We don’t really talk. Neither of us feels the need. Words are sometimes clumsy and devastatingly inaccurate when emotions are involved. I have much first hand evidence of that.

Both of us are happy, for now. And, in a world with so much uncertainty, where days can be eclipsed in a moment, holding happiness in the palm of your hand and appreciating its golden grace can’t be undervalued.

Maybe each day will be a love letter to each other, his painting red-haired mermaids and mine writing poetry about tattoos and sarcasm. Our kisses will be the first gesture and the last gesture of every day. For now.

end 10/13/2016

S. Darlington

I want to thank you for following what originally was just supposed to be a couple of irreverently titled posts using wordpress’s daily prompt about the misadventures of a young woman named Clare, but which ultimately turned into a very enjoyable undertaking (36 posts!) for me and hopefully you as well. I apologize for the abrupt “ending,” but there’s so much coming up in the next two months that I don’t think I can give Prince Charming and Clare the attention it needs. So, there’s a chance that when I become a litttle less inundated that I’ll pick it back up or I will take it on as a whole, fill in the missing gaps, tend to inaccuracies (ha, you didn’t notice? 😉 ) and maybe add a more traditional climax and ending, or not–not traditional, that is. Anyway, thanks again. This is seriously one project that couldn’t have happened without you.



8 thoughts on “The Night Of Goodnight—For Now

  1. Loved this, especially the setting you described at the beginning of the text. It goes well with the picture you posted. All of it is very good, but the first paragraph is perfect! Personally I always have the most trouble with beginnings, so I find a good opening very impressive.

    1. Thank you. I really appreciate your thoughts. Strangely I used to have problems with beginnings. I think l forgot and have been just writing so much and not letting previous worries get to me that maybe sequences are working out by themselves? Again, thanks! 🙂

      1. Yes I guess practice really helps. Sometimes, when I re-write them, they turn out better.

        If you ever have some time, I’d love your feedback on my new writing blog.

  2. I shall eagerly await the date they return because I LOVE the storyline, it’s brilliant. You are brilliant. I love your enthusiasm and dedication and willingness to involve other writers. You are awesome! I hope everyone appreciates what you do and how you do it, as much if not more than I. Thank you so very much!

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