Very Short NaNo Update/Survey

I have prepared a short survey for our NaNo Novel…I stare at that and think: you know that’s redundant that’s National Novel Novel………anywho, writing Nano is just shorter so forgive me my redundancies. 🙂

I’m going to write up an outline and character bios so that the actual writing come November 1 is not too harsh. I want you to feel free to take as much part in this as you’d like. I have set up a category for nanowrimo 2016; all nano-related postings for this year can be found there. The weekly subcategories will have the novel entries for that week. I’ll also set up a separate page with links for info about characters, etc. Feel free to give input. If you have a picture in your mind (which you can replicate…heh) for either hero, heroine, bad witch, mean producer, or anyone else, add it to the comments or email me. I’ll add the pics to the nano pages, brainstorms, etc.

I’ll try to keep you updated as much as possible. Now, if you feel like you’d rather not have too much input, just sit back and eat peanuts and offer suggestions every now and then, that’s fine too. 1667 words a day is a lot to not only write, but a lot to read when you have so many other blogs that you like to keep up with.

I’m also very much open to anyone wanting to shout at me now in the “formative” stages. You think the heroine should have a kooky best friend? Lemme know. You think the heroine should be kooky and have a sane best friend? Lemme know. Do you hate being referred to as “former members of the Scooby Gang?” Lemme know.

Okay…can’t wait to see if the “survey” works. The comment section always works. 😉

If you popped on here a couple of moments ago and tried to complete the survey, I apologize for the technical difficulties.

16 thoughts on “Very Short NaNo Update/Survey

      1. lol! Actually, ermmmm…I’ve never seen him “try” to act and therefore can’t say. I have read the first book of The Vampire Diaries…does that semi-count?

      2. erg…I haven’t decided on the age for either of them. But he doesn’t “look” old. I suspect we can leave out Mick Jagger. 😉 Naw, I don’t think it matters. I just need some pics to base looks on because really the character will take his own shape, I hope. I might look at him in some shows, but not sure if I’ll have the time so I’ll make a bunch of stuff up. lol…I did that for Dominic/Damien. When I was writing, I saw that actor, Richard Brancatisano from Chasing Life and had no idea why because I hadn’t seen the show in over a year. Funny. Strange.

      3. Oh that’s why he’s so familiar! I watched him in Reef Doctors. Having a photo/image will make it easier for sure. I wouldn’t bother to watch them in anything though, let their own character build. Who do you have in mind for the female?

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