Short nano update

The only significant update is that our heroine now has purple hair. ha!

If you haven’t voted and want to, here’s the link to the survey.

And, if you’ve wandered in here and wondered (wandered and wondered! A poem must be in the offing) what is going on, we are creating a novel next month for NaNoWriMo. We are in the fledgling stages. What’s the novel about? So far it’s about a rock musician (our hero) who gets cursed by an evil witch and can no longer compose. He goes to our heroine, a good witch, to try to reverse the spell. The genre is romantic comedy with a touch of paranormal (or a lot of paranormal, especially if our heroine is a purple-haired witch) and mystery.

All ideas are welcome!

Join us for the fun!

6 thoughts on “Short nano update

  1. She’s a witch, she can change her hair colour any time. Even if it’s just different shades of purple or adding highlights. Rockstar turns up, “Wasn’t your hair purple and pink yesterday?”
    Witch tosses her purple with blue streaks hair. “Pink hair? Bite your tongue!” Then mutters to herself, “Or let me do it.”

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