NaNo Dream Cast

Moving right along. Here are possibilities for our hero and heroine. Heroine’s hair color doesn’t matter, because when we meet her, it’s purple. Age doesn’t matter. These ladies do have hazel eyes. Man’s age again doesn’t matter; just going for visuals here.

These polls will show you who’s ahead. Again, if you think someone else would be a good candidate, simple make a comment. We still have 15 days (panic) to sort things out.

Kaden Roarke


Phoebe Morgan


The beginning of our story will take place in a small beach town. If you have an idea for the name of this lovely little town, mention it in the comments.

Also, I’m going to set up a few pinterest boards so that I have some visuals to work with. If you would like to take part in that, drop me an email at so that I can invite you to be a collaborator.

How about a title?



28 thoughts on “NaNo Dream Cast

      1. haha! (I was thinking about keeping you in the dark.) Okay, he’s Colin O’Donoghue from Once Upon a Time. And, he happily looks good with and w/o facial hair! lol

      2. I don’t know his voice so I couldn’t make him talk, sorry!
        “Hey babe, looking good.” or
        “Roll over sweet thing, let me rub all over you. Sunscreen that is.”
        Or something else … ?

      3. lol…..the first part, maybe the whole part takes place in England…..I haven’t decided. (which is funny if the whole thing is written in my head,…..I guess it’s mostly)

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