Your Own Hero

Day 13, OctPoWriMo, all caught up!

Your Own Hero

We go on.

It’s what we do.

The strong,

the survivors

don’t fall apart.

We don’t cry victim.

We shrug away dissonance.

We gleam in the sunshine.

We foist away drama.

unless we’re writing it

I understand you

but I don’t want to be you.

With the daily drama

the attention-seeking,

the planned tears.

You need attention

but you’ve never learned that crying

gets you nowhere.

That you have to understand


and yank yourself up

to be your own hero.


end 10/16/2016 (3)

S. Darlington

2 thoughts on “Your Own Hero

  1. Nice writing, I’ve tried doing poetry before, but it’s hard. Its impressive to be able to fit so much emotion in so few words, Good Job.

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