Sense of Senseless?

Poetry Prompts Day 18 – OctPoWriMo 2016

Today’s prompt was senseless; form: free verse. I thought I didn’t have thoughts on senseless today until I looked at the newspaper. It set off a tirade.

Sense of Senseless?


Sometimes I forget

my anger bubbles too close

to the surface like magma

I just need one source of senseless

to set me off.

Steam emerges from orifices

cry, scream, disbelief.


Shall I tangle with senseless?


Let’s pat ourselves on the back:

so smart

so many achievements!

We’ve space flight, cell phones, jet liners,

tiny computers you need a microscope to see

but for all of this

we do stupid extremely well.


If you research, you’ll note

we create destructive forces

then treat ramifications.

Backwards much?

The proverbial closing of the barn door?

Radioactive sludge from decades old bomb making

leaching into soil to waterways.

Depleted ozone from hair spray tins.


Mass extinctions. Why?

Creatures were in our way,

of course.




stupid, stupid, stupid.


Man walks into traffic while texting.

Person trips off cliff taking a selfie.

People want selfies with dolphin

it dies.

Man nails dog to a railway track.


Hate-based religions

share ignorance 24/7.


Back to the radioactive sludge

which exists because death was deemed a solution.


We may not be smart enough to realize

we do not have the right to decide

the fate of this world

its ecosystems

its beings

in which we are just one

infinitesimally small


of such great,



breadth and beauty.


One day soon,

I hope

we surprise ourselves and

learn to love.


end 10/18/2016

S. Darlington

11 thoughts on “Sense of Senseless?

      1. I’m ok. But glad you did the rant, it was justified and obviously warranted and I bet you feel better for it too. I loved it, thought it was wonderful myself.

      2. I rant too on occasion, you may have noticed, and if a subject comes up close to my heart, any type of abuse, particularly, I would rant up a storm and scare everyone off. You were more refined in your rant hehe

      3. I meant so send the entire thing, not just the 70 page allotment, but it’s entirely up to you. Oh and I have to thank you, because I’ve found some new authors I enjoy as a result of reading your blogs. Kudos

      4. I owe you the edits I did. I don’t see how I’m going to be able to undertake any more until next year. I apologize. With writing, reading, and work (heh, the one thing I am paid to do) I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, probably. Let me send you the edits and then we’ll see where we are at.

      5. I noticed Re today’s post how involved your life is. I can’t thank you enough for taking this on. It is so gracious and over and beyond with your schedule as it is that I’m truly humbled. I was hoping you could give me a mailing address. There is something I would very much like to send you. You are so gracious and very kind. It’s my honour and privilege to have met you. When your schedule relaxes a little more I hope to chat more. Please don’t worry about the edits, your way too bust
        Y. I really wanted your take and you were kind enough to share that info. I am eternally grateful xoxo hope you have a relaxed week xoxo

      6. I just wrote the post so everyone would know why I seemed partly (okay, more than) insane and might be virtually ignoring their posts, which I typically look forward to! It has occurred to me that I may *need* to read those posts to stay sane. We’ll see. 🙂 And, no, I will get those edits to you. I wrote them on notepaper as I was reading. Proofreading is both a good and a bad skill. lol

      7. Hey, whatever works. I wrote a blog last night about how much I appreciate the writer here, but I had you in mind particularly, because you are so involved, and yet you give so much. I wanted you to know how appreciated you are! Your someone very very special. I think the world of you, and that doesn’t happen often. There are others here I appreciate, Elaine, Liza, Sheryl and you! What a wonderful group of women we have here.

      8. Thank you very much. That is very sweet of you. I seem to be drawn to very special people. We are lucky there are so many here that we invite into our home and whose company we thoroughly enjoy.

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