Black Cat, Blogger Recognition, Sunshine Blogger, and Versatile Blogger Awards

I have been blogging since April and I know I’ve said that it’s been an incredible experience and I truly mean that. I have met such a fantastic and supportive group of people across this globe who have been willing to share their hearts, souls, experiences, tears, and laughter with me.

I have very much enjoyed receiving awards not only because I love the pretty awards (so pretty and precious!) but also because it means a lot that you have thought of me. I believe that the awards are not only a great tribute to a person, but also a way for the person giving to find out new things about other bloggers, because, honestly our blog postings rarely tell you that our favorite color is PURPLE and we love PEARL JAM and Hozier (or maybe they do 😉 ).

Anyway, as of today, I will no longer be accepting awards…unless they sparkle or bark. 😉 (kidding…except on the bark bit. Always room for another pup.) No, really. I’m considering myself a veteran blogger now (don’t laugh!) and wish for you to share these wonderful tributes with the whole new wave of newbie bloggers.

I want to thank:

Our Maisha




for nominating me for the awards. I’ve sharing one question from each below.

One piece of advice for new bloggers: Don’t be afraid to become part of the community. It might initially seem intimidating, sharing your thoughts, but it can also be amazing.

What do you do when noone is looking that one might find odd😉One thing? Heh. I put on music and dance around. My dog finds it odd so I presume that humans would as well….no one has seen as far as I know. (Maybe they unfriended me.)

What is your favorite dessert? Tres Leches cake, creme brulee or homemade pumpkin or pecan pie.

One fact about myself. I love to play tennis and should think about that rather than salivating over the desserts I was just thinking of.

Again, thanks to you all for making this such a fantastic experience!

Blog on! 🙂



3 thoughts on “Black Cat, Blogger Recognition, Sunshine Blogger, and Versatile Blogger Awards

  1. Well deserved Sascha and I can totally understand. I have just been nominated for another award and was going to nominate you and I will simply mention your blog instead without the nomination. I think I will take a leaf from your book and also make it the last one I accept for now. You are absolutely right, there are so many other newbies out there and after six months I do no longer feel like a ‘newbie’ either. Much love to you xxx

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