NaNo Dream Cast Update

This is directed to any of you who will be participating in the creation of our rom-com novel for NaNoWriMo and who haven’t voted for the dreamcast. We have a tie for the dreamcast heroine, Phoebe Morgan, and this is the one time that I probably can’t fathom a tie. Even if you’ve decided that you’re going to sit back and just watch the craziness (which is a great option, lately I’ve been giving it some consideration! 🙂 ha!), please help us decide our dreamcast since yours truly needs a picture!

If you missed the dreamcast post, it’s here and it’s derived from selections that you may have voted on previously.

Also, Susan Jarreau and I have started some pinterest boards to help with settings, clothes, etc. If you love pinterest, think you might love to design the “sets” for the novel, join us. Let your imagination run wild. We have a rock star and a witch! So much to consider. Just email me at and I’ll invite you to join the boards. Also, please feel free to suggest any boards as I’m not quite totally there yet.

Speaking of witches. As I do not want to offend anyone in the Wiccan community by pretending I know much about it, I will be taking great liberties. If someone wants to world-build a beach witch community, please feel free…and share.

Are any of you rock aficionados who might want to help develop the life of a rock star? This input would be greatly appreciated.

Lastly, for sanity’s sake, I have been considering writing this episodically so that it would seem almost like self-contained stories like the Clare and Damian saga. If you have any feedback on this, please drop me a line.

And, if you have any general feedback, whatsoever, leave it in the comments. You know like five-minute vegetarian meal creations for the writer who will not be cooking in November but who still needs to eat. heh. 😉 (kidding……)

Anyone written a novel who realizes that I’m missing a huge chunk other than the actual writing? Let me know. My sanity is excluded. Thanks.

Vote on our Phoebe Morgan! Here.



14 thoughts on “NaNo Dream Cast Update

  1. Late reply I know but been sick so … here I am! Not sure about writing as episodes to be honest? Is the plan to have a plan, brief chapter outlines and an actual plot or just wing it? I’m a terrible planner but can see how that might work better on a timed write like this. Will every day of writing be a chapter (how long is a chapter anyway)? Do you have character outlines to go with the pictures? Am I asking too much? Excuse me while I go take more pills!

    1. Sorry you’ve been sick! We’ve missed your humor! Honestly, I’ve never planned my nanos before and was going to do it today, but keep it open so that y’all could have input if you did or didn’t like the way it was going. I was only thinking episodic so that it in some ways mimicked what I was doing with Clare and crew, to make it more enjoyable reading. If I get some sort of outline and some character sketches drawn up, I’ll add them to the nano page at the top of my blog probably late tomorrow. Then anyone who wants can just make suggestions or comments. (It’s next weeek! scream!)

      1. I have a killer cough, nice husky voice as a result 😉 I loved Clare’s story but wasn’t sure how it would work as a novel, up to you really. My planning usually consists of: boy meets girl, boy gets girls, something happens so boy loses girl, stuff gets sorted so they live hea. This could be why I struggle to finish my stories hehe! Yes, Tuesday’s the day, bring on the coffee!!

      2. Ha! You should have been making recordings a la Kathleen Turner for your blog!
        To be honest, this whole reviewing books has been really good for me as a writer (in the respect that I’ve certainly had the time to discern what I do and don’t like; and what I think does and doesn’t work). I don’t know that the effect will be as noticeable this nanowrimo. I’ve had a pretty good run in past years, but I will hit a point and hate something and then start rewriting or adding backstory. So I always get the 50,000 words, but not always a completed story. That’s going to change this time rah, rah!

      3. Except if I’m not husky I’m nasal a la Fran Drescher, quite sexy! This is the first year I have heard of nanowrimo (yes I live in a bubble) so I am interested to see how it works. So what happened to your prior efforts? Burnt on a pyre as a sacrifice to the writing gods?

      4. That’s what I always like to pretend happens. 🙂 Actually, you’re right. I think the brain takes what you give it….huh…who is the you if not the brain? and runs, thinking even when you don’t think it is.

      5. You just know Phoebe and Kaden are going to be talking to you at all hours. Either that or sulking because they didn’t get their way!
        I thought of more questions too! Did you name your town yet and does the witch have a familiar or is that too cliché? Also vague thoughts about a coven or not and what kind of witch … my yardstick is Bewitched or Charmed, wiggle or chants and potions?

      6. Now all I can picture is Salem from Sabrina hehe! Which leads me to Salem’s Cove as a name but that’s a movie or something so I went to Salem’s Ridge which sounds a bit less cosy. Then I’m thinking, yikes, writing spells!

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