Of Birds and Bunnies


Sunday Fiction Photo Prompt for October 16, 2016

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and now for something completely different…..

Of Birds and Bunnies

“Grandpa, why do you hang your bird feeder in the park instead of your backyard?” Liam asks, holding the bag of birdseed as his grandfather fills the cylinder.

“Many reasons, I suppose. First, I think the birds are safer because I never see anyone’s cats here and I can sit on the bench and people-watch as well as birdwatch.”

Liam nods his red head. “Birds are cool. I like cardinals.”

“Cardinals like many birds are monogamous.”

“What’s that mean?”

Liam’s grandad smiles and sits on his bench. “It’s like your Mom and Dad. They chose each other and now they stay with each other.”

“Huh. But not you and grandma.”

“Well, Liam, I fell in love once with a beautiful woman and I thought I too could be a cardinal, but then this wren came along and then a finch. I don’t think I’m a bird at all.”

“Then what are you?”

Grandpa watches appreciatively as a blonde woman sashays by in very short denim shorts talking on her cell.

“Definitely . . . a rabbit.”

Liam contemplates his grandfather. “Because of your big ears?”


end 10/21/2016

S. Darlington

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