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Second Grave on the Left by Darynda Jones

Publisher: Macmillan

Publication Date: August 16, 2011

This review refers to the Macmillan Audiobook version.

At the end of Second Grave on the Left there is an interview by the book’s narrator, Lorelei King of the book’s author, Darynda Jones. One question is (paraphrased): how did you come up with the character of Charley Davidson? Darynda Jones replies that Charley is an amalgam of three of her favorite characters: Stephanie Plum, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Lorelei Gilmore. Yes! I thought. Those are three of my favorite characters and combined the effect is awesome.

Second Grave on the Left is the second book in the Charley Davidson supernatural mystery series about a grim reaper, Charley, who is also a PI. In this novel, the best friend of Charley’s receptionist and neighbor, Cookie, has disappeared and Cookie thinks that something bad has happened to her. Parallel, Charley discovers that Reyes, the son of satan, and the being who has saved her from death multiple times, is no longer in his corporeal body and that he is waiting for his corporeal body to die because it is the portal for demons to come to earth; without the portal, they can’t come. So Charley needs to find his body because there is no way she’s letting him die.

I listen to audiobooks on my commutes to and from work, which means that I more than appreciate it if they are highly entertaining. The Charley Davidson novels are told in first person and the voice is quirky, funny, sometimes snarky, and frequently deadpan. If I am lol-ing in the car on the way to work, it makes it a good day.

Jones also packs an awful lot of punch in each of her novels. There’s not only the mystery and the associated action, but Charley has to deal with her family and friends and her interactions (SEXY!) with Reyes. In Second Grave on the Left, there are some emotional and insightful interactions between Charley and her family, especially her sister.

I very highly recommend both of the first two books of this series. And, if you like to listen to audiobooks on your commute or while doing mundane tasks, I would suggest you seek them out. My public library has tons of audiobooks easily downloaded to your phone or mp3 player; check out your public library! Most have an amazing selection of audiobooks and ebooks.

Lorelei King as the narrator of Second Grave on the Left does a great job with all of the voices.

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