The Lighthouse Resort


photo by William Bout

Week Thirty-Eight of Three Line Tales. Thank you to Sonya at Three Line Tales for hosting this photo prompt.

The Lighthouse Resort (84 words)

The first time I stayed at the Lighthouse Resort was to treat myself because you broke my heart and after days of crying chose to rejoice myself.

The second time I stayed we celebrated our honeymoon with champagne, making love, promising to never take for granted, dancing slowly, reveling in life until death do us part.

The third time I stayed, on our twelfth wedding anniversary, your ashes in a cardboard box, unwilling to part with you while Orionid meteorites raged through midnight sky.


end 10/22/2016 (3)

S. Darlington

7 thoughts on “The Lighthouse Resort

  1. Devastating…beautiful tale. I’m sorry for the ending but I like how one place can play such a pivotal role in a person’s life.

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