My Sister, the Artist–Carves a Pumpkin


photo by Shaun Holloway


My sister, as usual proclaims that she is the artist, which means: she carves and I scrape the innards out.

Scrape is a lax term because what happens is that my hand gropes in, scoops the brains and seeds from inside, and clasps them tightly, squishy, oogledy.

I glance at her, with her perfectly coiffed blonde hair, make up just so and am startled that I release my fistful of squishy oogledy with such force that, well, oops, Mom and Dad, it accidently found its way like a magnet to her awesome, artistic, beautifulness—my bad.

It’s all fun and games until someone throws the pumpkin guts….oh, that IS the fun and games.

Happy Halloween! Love, Sascha Darlington with a big cauldron of mini-Snickers.

3 thoughts on “My Sister, the Artist–Carves a Pumpkin

  1. “…and clasps them tightly, squishy, oogledy.” After reading this, my mind just kept the sentence going with a string of random sounds ending in “y”: boogley, smoogedy, floobidy, etc… haha

    Nice piece!

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