Oxford Comma

OctPoWriMo Day 27

We met.

We didn’t meet.

He’s in Australia.

He drinks white wine.

They make good wine in Australia now.

I drink red wine. I like full bodied.

He writes prose that makes my tendons echo.

I can’t hear him laugh.

He laughs often.

I sleep.

He’s slapping hands with mates at a pub.

I think about words, their tendons.

He writes poetry, it has tendons.

I have the tendency to not see. Like blindness.

We are too far


I will laugh

He will make me laugh

There’s sex.

On a keyboard

The comma is enforced.

end 10/30/2016

S. Darlington


5 thoughts on “Oxford Comma

  1. What a great way to start a Monday morning ………. the Oxford Comma, playful, tantalising, mysterious, enigmatic, although I’m sure the ethereal Australian, all electrons and wifi, understands. Hope he’s not sitting in a pub somewhere while the rest of us are working, and planning some fictional kind of revenge.

      1. I wouldn’t presume to know what’s in anyone’s mind, including my own, but hydrogen to helium fusion in the solar core runs at about 27 million degrees F so I’m going with cold ;).

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