Running on Empty



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Running on Empty

I was so tired of running.

Many long, endless roads through nothingness. Jackrabbits with ears the size of silos on the shoulder and me being afraid they’d scamper across.

When I felt like I could drive no farther, I arrived at a junction where a dilapidated building stood, like many ramshackle structures devoid of life I’d driven by, but this one bore fresh paint; the windows weren’t busted.

I parked, glanced at bloodshot eyes in the rearview. When I entered, saw folks sitting at the counter eating donuts, the last thing I expected to hear was: we’ve been waiting for you.

end 11/3/2016

S. Darlington


20 thoughts on “Running on Empty

  1. That’s well-crafted, Sascha. A first line that hooks you, a succulent morsel of descriptive writing with the jackrabbit and then a door opening at the end, Onto what? Whatever the reader most fears or most desires. There will be as many versions of this story as there are readers. Well done

  2. Perhaps she is wearing a dog collar, so many way to imagine the reason for their wait. Great piece of writing

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