Safely, #November Notes Day 4

#November Notes Day 4, Song: Between the Lines


She safely practiced life. Bandages ready for wounds not made. Smooth routes chosen, no bumps, no cliffs, no surprises. Decisions for love loomed; she hesitated, taking time she presumed existed. She heard him speak the other’s name off-handedly, filing it away under miscellany. Choosing love, choosing him, too late because while she’d been planning for what ifs,

he lived.


S. Darlington

5 thoughts on “Safely, #November Notes Day 4

  1. I love that last phrase about how while she was planning the what if’s, he lived. There’s so much truth in that for all of us I think. So many spend all that time thinking what if’s instead of living and being in the moment.

    1. Thank you, Jade! Yes! I read over the lyrics, came up with some interpretations, I don’t think that thought, life as dress rehearsal was in the song, but it felt a possibility. Thanks for reading!

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