The Heart of Halloween, Sunday Photo Fiction


Sunday Photo Fiction – October 30th 2016


The Heart of Halloween (169 words)

He was the kind of man a woman would happily bring home to meet her parents. We had been seeing each other for only a week, but every day since October 24 so I felt I really knew him.

Leaves crackled underfoot as we walked, arm in arm. The park was quiet, with parents and kids home, readying for Halloween evening.

“I have something for you,” he said, reaching into his brown canvas messenger bag.

I smiled in anticipation and then he presented me with a plush Frankenstein toy. It almost looked homemade with hand-sewn stitching.

“How cute!” I said, desperately trying to ignore the putrid odor wafting around us. I looked around trying to determine its origin and realized I was holding it.

I glanced uneasily at him.

“I’m not easy to love,” he said.

“Oh, pfft,” I said, trying not to gag.

“But you make me feel loved so I wanted you to have a piece of all the hearts of women who rejected me,” he said.


end 11/4/2016 (125)

S. Darlington


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