Love As Hyperbole

Love As Hyperbole

Angst, melodrama, tears, anger,

Not love.

Death, drowning, demons, duplicity,

Not love.

Love is kindness.

Love is loyalty.

Love is sickness or health.

Love doesn’t qualify or quantify or question.

Love is clasping a hand.

Love is seeing it through.

Love is old and gray, thickness and thin.

Love grows, doesn’t dispose.

Love is golden, it seeps around a body, warmth in a blanket.

Love doesn’t despair.

Love smiles, love gladdens, love protects.

Love doesn’t rage.

Love doesn’t pretend.

Love is the happiest memory and sometimes the saddest regret.

Love is the burst in the heart.

Love is never an island.

Love is a flowing fountain.

Love releases and love enfolds.

Love is never angst, that’s all you.


end 11/5/2016

S. Darlington

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