My Pet Is Alone

On her key was a plastic strip that said “My pet is alone.” The fireman took the keys and went to her house. A frightened black and white dog, some kind of shepherd, stood there, toy in mouth looking at him expectantly. He tried to reach for the dog’s collar to see if there was a name tag, but the dog moved just out of reach.

He sat on his haunches and looked at the spotless linoleum. “Your Mama had an accident. She’s in the hospital.”

The dog approached, his head cocked.

“She’s going to be okay, but won’t be home for a few days,” he said.

The dog moved up to him and rested his head on the man’s forearm and whimpered slightly.

“You can stay here or come home with me.”

The dog placed his paw on the man’s forearm where only moments ago his head had rested.

The fireman nodded. On the other side of the plastic it had said: my dog speaks English and Spanish. He’s able to make up his own mind.


end 11/8/2016

S. Darlington

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