500 Posts!


500 posts!

Back in April I wasn’t even sure if I’d still be blogging in November—all of those stories about how bloggers stop after the three month mark. But a lot of you have supported me, given me a needed boost and welcomed me and my writing, and it’s true, very true, when I say I couldn’t have done it without you. Many thanks!

15 thoughts on “500 Posts!

  1. Congratulations… Keep writing. I love your stories and characters and how you make the readers feel the emotions.
    I started blogging in May and I completed my 100 posts today.
    So cheers…

      1. Yes and I didnt even believe it that I had it in me to write everyday…i used to worry that i was becoming repetitive… But I must say its been a great journey… For someone who never had another hobby other than reading… Now I am extremely glad that i have this as a hobby – writing and reading combined… cant ask for anything more…

      2. Thats too kind of you, Sascha…. But art? Maybe ameteur art… Like the kind which toddlers draw on the walls with their broken crayons…

      3. You’re funny! I once heard a quote that said “amateur” has the root for “love” in it and that amateurs do something for the love of it and that is more noble. (Unfortunately, nobility does not pay the bills.) πŸ™‚

      4. That is correct though… Writing for the simple pleasure it brings… Too bad it doesnt pay the bills…. Or I wouldnt have been stuck in my office for the past 6 months…

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