Nanowrimo Day 12—Riot of Purple Profanity

Not much of a preamble tonight. If this is your first time seeing the NaNoWriMo title, it means that this is a draft for National Novel Writing Month, and that this is only a draft. 🙂 Previous sections can be found under the appropriate category.

Current Word Count: 18,020. I’m still a little behind, but I’m going to keep writing. This just seemed like enough of an offering for you for this evening. If I stop at a happy place, I may post more later. Have a good one!

Chapter Six

Phoebe settled in the room in the cabin that was evidently meant for kids with its set of bunk beds and a pair of twin beds. A plush moose head was hung on the head, which she supposed was to give the room a whimsical rustic feel.

She felt exhausted. Who knew being possessed could take so much out of you?

Fortunately the room had its own bathroom with tub which she planned to soak in until her body felt a little less like it had been the racquetball in a racquetball match. The others, despite the weirdness of the evening, or maybe because of it, had adjourned to the hot tub with beer, but she hadn’t felt up to that. She felt embarrassed that she had grabbed Kaden’s crotch even if she hadn’t been in control of her actions at the time. She had felt it all though and while it was embarrassing, the thought of it was also enticing. Never in her life had she been so bold and there had been something about that that had been exhilarating, that made her wish just a little bit that she was that kind of woman. The kind who took the bull by the horns, so to speak.

Her cell rang with the ringtone “Witchy Woman.” Guilt washed over her. Neither she nor Chloe had called the Aunts to let them know the results.

“Sorry,” Phoebe said automatically.

“It’s okay. You know I kind of knew how it was going to play out, but not exactly. Are you okay?” Aunt Philo asked.

“Been better. If anyone ever wants to possess you, just tell them ‘no.’”

Aunt Philo chuckled. “I will keep that in mind if the situation ever presents itself. Do you have enough stuff left to do a self-protection spell?”

“Good idea,” Phoebe said. “I think there’s enough.”

Aunt Philo was quiet for a moment and Phoebe knew that the wheels were churning in her brain. “Find something natural, seashell, pebble, bless it and anoint it as well and then wear it. If you have enough, you might do the same for that rock star of yours.”

“He’s not my rock star.”

“Not at the moment and very much not the point. Just do it. I don’t see Chloe or her rock star having much play in this so I’m not worried about them.”

“Oh, I don’t think her rock star, I mean, Jared, is coming,” Phoebe said, looking through the basket of scented bath oils the resort provided.

“Yes, he is. So is the drummer with the beard. He’s kind of cute. How old is he? Too young for this old cougar?”

“I don’t think thirty-six is very old. Tito is probably around thirty-two if I had to guess. But, hold on. Chloe didn’t book them on the flight.”

“You underestimate me, sometimes, Phoebe.”

Phoebe smiled. “By now you’d think I’d know better.”

“Just sayin’. Okay. It’s getting late here and I probably have to get some rooms ready. The band can stay here. Caroline and I did a protection spell on the house a little while ago. A strong one. So everyone should be safe here.”

They said goodnight and ended the call. Phoebe prepared a warm bath, lit some candles and tried to relax, despite the anxious feeling that hung over her.

Kaden didn’t hang out with the other three very long. His thoughts were bouncing around too much for him to concentrate on having fun. The hot tub and the beer helped, but he thought about Phoebe alone inside and how vulnerable she had looked. The thought that someone hated him enough to hurt her angered him. Sure, they’d just met, but there was something about her, something that drew him to her. He had hoped that once the deal with Serena was done that his life could go back to normal. But maybe his life hadn’t been normal for a very long time and that trouble had just been waiting for an opportunity.

He rapped softly on her door. “Phoebe?”

“I’m in the tub,” she said.

“Does that mean I can come in or that I can’t?”

“I think there are enough bubbles,” she said, with a gentle laugh.

The room already smelled like her, herbal, woodsy. He found that it turned him on more than he would have ever acknowledged. The door to the bathroom was open and he leaned against the door jamb, folded his across his chest and grinned at her. The white shiny bubbles were literally up to her chin.

“Mind if I join you?” he asked.

Her eyes went wide. “Yes.”

“Damn. I haven’t taken a bubble bath in three months.”

“Courtesy of one of your groupies?”

“How did you guess?”

“Not much of a guess.”

He sat on the toilet seat and watched her flick bubbles, obviously avoiding his eyes. “You’re a cool woman, Phoebe Morgan.”

She glanced at him quickly, her eyes narrowing slightly. “Meaning that I’m cold?”

“Uh, no. That you are incredible.”

She brightened and he grinned in response. He liked to see those hazel eyes lit with fire. He would very much like to see them lit with passion, toward him.

“Thanks,” she said.

“Maybe you should stay in my room tonight so that I can protect you.”

“Protect me? From what?”

She had a good point. What could he protect her from? “The possibility of your listening to really bad music?”

She laughed. “Yeah, you could protect me from that. But I’m not spending the night with you.”

She looked away and scooped up so bubbles and tossed them at him. They landed on his nose, which made her laugh.

“Nice,” he said and the leaned over and flicked bubbles at her. “You shouldn’t tease a guy, Phoebe.”

She arched an eyebrow. “I’m not teasing you.”

“You’re in a bathtub of bubbles that are now melting a little so that I can see the tops of some well-rounded breasts. You’re beautiful. And you’re playing with me. I think that’s teasing.”

“Uh,” she began pointing to her cleavage. “You saw more than this when I wore a tank top. And I am playing with you literally, no teasing involved.”

“I wouldn’t mind some teasing. Maybe I should just reach in and unplug the drain.”

“Maybe you should rethink that.”

“What are you going to do, Phoebe? Throw the bubbles you need to keep you covered at me?”

“You don’t know much about witches, do you? We have superpowers.”

He grinned. “Really? Like what?”

“I can blink and throw you against the wall.”

“Can not.”

She tossed some more bubbles at him, which landed against the stubble on his jaw. He wiped it away.

She smiled. “You’re right. I can’t.”

“Come out, Phoebe. Come out and play.”

“Not tonight, Kaden.”

“Tomorrow night then? I haven’t been with a woman since I met you.”

“Which I’m pretty sure has nothing to do with me, but rather some much needed caution on your part.”

He shrugged. “You’re right. Promise me one thing.”


“You’ll give you and me a little thought.”

She raised her hand and put an inch between her forefinger and thumb. “I’ll give it about just that much.”


end of Day 12

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