In Answer to All of the Current stupid in the world

I write. I like to write. I get lost in writing.

But I also read. A lot. I read the paper. I read the comments on articles in the paper. I read the comments online. I can’t believe the ignorance. I want to respond. Then I realize giving in to stupid is not where I’m at. Instead, here. This is where I am.

8 thoughts on “In Answer to All of the Current stupid in the world

    1. I appreciate that feeling. I guess I just don’t like the feeling I’m left with if I join the fray and say something mean, unkind, angry, etc. Also, after many years of being naive and thinking that I could persuade, I’ve come to realize that the depth of stupid means that they are unable to consider any point-of-view other than their own and then the joust just becomes a lesson in futility. (Sorry, a lot of words. I checked in while I’m doing my nano and have my brain set for purging all random words.) 🙂

      1. Oh no, that’s absolutely fine and I’m all for spirited debate and conversation. I find that half the problem with politics these days and that it is all hatefulness rather than discussion and it’s why you get xenophobia and such. There is also an element of futility with some people but I also believe that most people have some good in them and if you try hard enough, you can get through to them. At least I hope.

      2. Oh, I 100% agree on the fact that people have good in them. I’m not suggesting that they don’t. I do know that there are some smart/kind people who cannot fathom seeing another side to an argument. But then, I was one of them once upon a time. I thought it was my way or the highway, but I found a group of intelligent people who opened my eyes and made me think. The cult of the intelligent…haha. Once you go there you can never return.

      3. It’s probably my depression but I can never call myself intelligent. I’m just not stupid, let’s leave it at that ha ha! And yeah, I probably have a few things I’m decided on. For example, I can respect an opinion without agreeing on it. You have to have some beliefs. Any ways! You have a really great blog. I’m enjoying reading your posts. Hoping you will stick around too!

      4. I don’t know. What you wrote seemed intelligent to me. I hope that I respect the beliefs of those I disagree with…that’s got me thinking. oops. smoke. Thanks for the follow and I’ll look forward to keeping up with your blog. 🙂 I’ve got to go put the fire out in my brain from overthinking.

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