Pecan Tart Rhyme

It seems only fitting that considering in September, there was a cake daily prompt that tart should be given equal standing. I must have missed π (pie).  


Pecan Tart Rhyme

I said he looked a tad pasty;

he wanted to discuss pastry.

He said his favorite tart was cherry,

mine was pecan. He looked wary.

He said, “That’s a tree nut”

with condescension, a rooster strut.

Why do non-southerners not understand

how the pecan is like contraband,

its ability to roast to perfection

its ability to make any confection

just a bit extraordinary.

He said what about blackberry

lingonberry, black cherry, raspberry,

are you saying that these are ordinary?

I sighed, tired of the parry, I must depart

I’m off to procure a pecan tart.


end 11/15/2016

S. Darlington



11 thoughts on “Pecan Tart Rhyme

    1. Yeah, if you get commercial pecan pie, it’s not so nice (but sometimes better than other things). Homemade or bakey tarts or pie control how much of the syrupy filling is used. I recently had one that used a smidge of coffee in the filling…nice. 🙂

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